Jet Star, Inc. brings experience and professionalism to all the projects and services it performs. With a service record of over twenty five years in the public, private, and military sectors, we have delivered various blends of fuel and related tanks, equipment, and logistical solutions to diverse destinations and customers.

Safety is of paramount importance to everyone on our team. We have extremely high standards for timeliness and accuracy. Equipment is always maintained at or above specifications. Communications are handled quickly and concisely, using state of the art mobile technologies. Our enterprise system is highly customizable and we can provide EDI interface for order management and billing. We also have online imaging available to expedite access to cartage related documentation. We strive to provide great value for the cost of our service and believe that you can’t cut corners and expect the best.

We have specialized resources for planning, managing, designing, and coordinating large and small projects for logistics relating to movement of various forms of specialized equipment. Some of our enhanced capabilities include tank flushing, pump-outs, and product transfers. We have multiple strategic locations throughout the US and have several partners in the business we can team with.

Our customers include US Department of Defense, major oil companies, major airlines, general aviation industries, and numerous other private interests.

We look forward to being a strategic partner for all your transportation and fuel related needs. Please e-mail us.

Best Regards,
Darryl Guiducci, CEO of Jet Star, Inc.
  • DUNS# 107248569
  • Cage Code: 1DVP9
  • NAICs codes: 484121, 484122, 484220, 454319, 424720
  • CCR Registered
  • Orca Registed